Why Do People Scrapbook?

Most people scrapbook as a way to make a personal storybook from their photos so they can preserve not only the photos, but other items in a fun to browse book format. Sometimes people just have photo books that are clear pages with photos set up in a page by page time line of their life and their children's lives. A scrapbook is a better and more detailed way of preserving their memories. Scrapbooks can have other things besides photos. An example would be a child's first Baseball game. On that page you could have photos of the child, of the baseball game, but also preserve the game tickets and any souvenirs you get from the game such as the game flyers or an autographed baseball card. The page should be designed to give the instant Ohhhh! and display the entire event showing all the emotions involved.


Scrapbooking can be expensive - so most people only scrapbook really important events like a 1st day at school, wedding events, graduations, unique family vacations like a trip to Hawaii.

Our site, WeekendScrapbooking.com, is here to show you the things we recommend when you want to scrapbook. Most are items we personally use to scrapbook, and we show examples of REAL pages we made!

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